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The Flying Horse Philosophy

Here at Flying Horse we don’t just focus on riding. We focus on teamwork, education and confidence building to make riding fun again. We make sure that horse and rider learn in a safe, supportive environment. We actively work on holistically improving performance.

We promise that we will treat each client as a friend and we will love your horses as if they were our own.

Julia Charlie.jpg

Here at Flying Horse we pride ourselves on the appearance of our horses. People always comment on the lovely shiny coats and flowing tails. We firmly believe that good feed, a relaxed environment and correct training go a long way to achieving this.

Flying Horse Grooming Products

Regular grooming is important too. Even the horses not in work are brought in once a week for a good check over and groom. The horses in work are groomed every day and tails are washed and conditioned once a week. If sweaty after working they are hosed down and dried off.

With the arrival of our Charlie, we had to rethink what we used in grooming products as he is super sensitive. His nose was cracked and bleeding while his coat was dull and lifeless. He reacted to the shampoo we usually use and came out in huge welts which added to his discomfort.

So we decided to start making our own products; Julia trained at Southland Hospital as a Manufacturing Dispensary technician back when the hospital made all the creams and shampoos etc .

After sourcing the high quality ingredients we set to work making various potions and testing them on ourselves! No humans were harmed in the making of our products so we know they are safe for our precious horses!

Charlie is the proof that they work as he looks amazing now and his nose is covered in soft fur instead of being cracked and weeping.

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